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Plant proteins the Finnish way: New innovations and traditional flavors

The popularity of plant proteins has grown exponentially around the world, and Finland is at the forefront of this development. Finnish cuisine, known for its clean and organic ingredients, has embraced plant proteins as part of its traditional and modern cuisine. In this article, we explore how plant proteins such as soybean meal, bull bean meal and bull bean meal mix are enriching Finnish cuisine with new innovations and traditional flavours.

Soya mince: a versatile source of plant protein

Soya mince has long been a popular source of plant protein in Finnish cuisine. Its neutral taste and versatility make it an excellent ingredient for a wide range of dishes, from traditional meatballs to modern vegetarian stews. Soya minces ability to absorb flavours from the surrounding ingredients allows it to adapt seamlessly to the Finnish flavour world, while providing a healthy and sustainable source of protein.

Broad bean flour: a Finnish superfood

Broad bean flour is the result of a Finnish innovation that has received well-deserved attention in recent years. Cultivated in Finland's pure nature, bull bean provides high-quality plant protein that is both nutritious and ecological. Broad bean flour is used in baking and cooking to add protein and texture to dishes. Its mild flavour and fine texture make it the perfect ingredient for breads, pancakes and even pasta.

Härkis: A bull's bean kibble for modern Finnish cuisine

Härkis, short for bull bean kibble, is a modern vegetable protein product that has quickly gained popularity in Finnish homes. It is ready to use as is, making it a convenient choice for busy everyday life. Härkis is ideal for use in dishes such as tacos, bolognese sauce and vegetarian steaks, offering a filling and tasty alternative to meat.

Health benefits and sustainability of plant proteins

Vegetable proteins are not only delicious, but also healthy. They provide high levels of protein, fibre and other nutrients, while reducing environmental impact compared to animal protein sources. Finns are known for their love of nature and their commitment to sustainability, which makes plant proteins an ideal choice for the Finnish table.

Vegetable proteins bring new innovations and traditional taste experiences to Finnish cuisine. Finnish consumers and businesses have adopted these products as part of their culinary culture, showing the world that healthy and responsible cooking is possible without compromising on taste.