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Order instructions

Make sure you have familiarized yourself with the User Agreement of the service before placing the order. By placing an order, you accept the terms of the user agreement.




Fresh bread and buns are always sent on Mondays. So that your order can be sent on Monday, please place your order by Thursday at 12:00 (Finnish time). Orders received after this, which contain fresh bread, will be sent on Monday of the following week. ORDER FRESH PRODUCTS ONLY BY EXPRESS TRANSPORT! You can find delivery time estimates on the "deliveries" page.


Can I order chocolate during summer?

Suomikauppa.fi delivers orders to a pick-up location or address of your choice in cooperation with several courier companies. Deliveries are not specially protected again heat ie. through heat-resistant materials, so there is always a chance that chocolate products will melt if they are exposed to heat during transit or at the pick-up location. Suomikauppa.fi is not responsible for melted chocolates.


1. Start by browsing the product catalog to find the products you want.

You can move products to the shopping cart directly from the product list by clicking the Add to cart button or from the product information page by clicking the Add to cart button.

If the product you choose contains selectable features (such as color, size, etc.), you can select them on the product information page.


When you have collected all the products you want in your shopping cart, go to the Shopping Cart page. Check that the shopping cart contains all the products you want and their quantities.

You can change the quantities of the products by pressing the -/+ signs on both sides of the quantity. You can remove products from the shopping cart by clicking the Remove link next to the product.

Go to Checkout to start placing your order. (Note: you can still return to make changes to your order before paying for the order.)

If you already have a customer account, you can log in by clicking the link before entering your contact information.
4. Check if the Delivery address is correct and change it if necessary. Click the Continue to shipping button. Select the desired delivery method from the list and click the Continue to payment step button to continue placing the order.
5. During the payment phase, check your contact information and change it if necessary. You can also enter a separate billing address on this page. Choose your preferred payment method from the list and click the Pay now button to continue placing the order.
6. Next, depending on the payment method you choose, you go to either your online bank or payment service provider's page. Enter the necessary information and accept the payment (the payment information is ready and the customer cannot influence it).
7. NOTE! after accepting the payment, do not close the browser , but return to the Suomikauppa service via the return link/button on the online bank or Luottokunta's pages. In this way, our online store receives information about successful payment and your order is transferred to our order processors. If you do not receive an acknowledgment of receipt of your order in your e-mail, please contact our customer service .


If you encountered problems placing an order, please contact our customer service .