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Secrets of the Finnish sauna - Best tips and accessories for an authentic sauna experience

The Finnish sauna is much more than just a place to cleanse yourself; it's a space for relaxation, meditation and togetherness. In the land of thousands of lakes in Finland, the sauna is deeply rooted in folklore and offers a unique way to experience the peace of northern nature. In this article, we share the best tips and accessories to make your sauna experience as authentic and enjoyable as possible.

Understand the importance of the sauna

Before diving into the secrets of the sauna, it's important to understand its cultural significance. For Finns, the sauna is a place for mental and physical cleansing, socialising and even celebrating. It is a place where the mind rests and the body relaxes.

Tips for an authentic sauna experience

  • Heating: start by heating your sauna correctly. A traditional wood-burning sauna offers the best experience, but electric saunas can also create an authentic atmosphere with the right accessories.
  • Lighting: atmospheric lighting is the key to a relaxing sauna experience. Candles and dimmed lights create a soothing environment.
  • Fragrances: take advantage of the scents nature has to offer by bringing birch waxes or colognes into the sauna. Essential oils such as eucalyptus or pine can also enrich your sauna experience.
  • Sounds: Soothing music or sounds of nature, such as the sound of water or birdsong, will complement your sauna experience.

How to complete your sauna experience

  • A ladle and a scoop: There is no sauna without steam. A quality ladle and scoop are essential accessories for throwing water on the heater.
  • Vihta or Vasta (A kind of whip made of birch branches): A quality sauna wick is a traditional Finnish sauna accessory that stimulates the skin and increases blood circulation. It also has a deeply relaxing scent.
  • Sauna cushions and seat pads: comfort is important, so stock up on soft sauna cushions and seat pads.
  • Thermometer: Monitoring the temperature helps maintain an ideal sauna experience. A sauna thermometer is both a practical and decorative addition.
  • Sauna products: choose sauna products that are kind to your skin, such as organic soaps, shampoos and body lotions specifically designed for the heat of the sauna.

The secret of the Finnish sauna lies in simplicity and closeness to nature. Creating an authentic sauna experience does not require complex elements. Find all of our bathroom and sauna accessories here.

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