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Suomalainen kattaus ja muotoilu

Finnish table setting and design: create a cosy dining environment

Finnish design is known around the world for its minimalist style, functionality and natural materials. Creating a cosy dining environment with Finnish tableware and design combines these elements harmoniously, providing an inviting and relaxing space for communal meals.

Minimalist elegance

Start by creating a base with minimalist elegance. Choose simple but high-quality tableware with clean lines and neutral colours. Finnish brands such as Iittala and Marimekko offer a wide range of tableware and textiles that are perfect for this style.

Natural materials

Incorporate natural materials such as wood, glass and ceramics into your table setting. Wooden chopping boards, drinking glasses and ceramic dishes add warmth and texture to your table, highlighting Finnish design's appreciation for nature.

Functional beauty

In Finnish design, beauty goes hand in hand with functionality. Choose items for your table that not only look good, but also make your dining experience smoother. For example, an Aalto vase can serve as both a stylish eye-catcher and a practical sauce dish.

Splashes of colour and textiles

Add splashes of colour and textiles to add softness and personality to your table setting. Bold patterns and colours from Marimekko can liven up a table, while soft linens and napkins add texture and layering.

The power of lighting

Don't forget the importance of lighting. Candles and soft, indirect lighting create a warm and inviting atmosphere, an essential part of a cosy dining environment. Finnish design offers several options that combine design and functionality, such as Iittala's Kivi candle holders.

Finnish tableware and design offer unique opportunities to create a cosy and inviting dining environment. Minimalist elegance, natural materials, functional beauty, pops of colour and textiles, and thoughtful lighting combine to create a space that is a joy to gather around and enjoy shared meals. By exploring classics and newcomers to Finnish design, you can create a space that reflects Finnish aesthetics and hospitality. An inviting dining environment is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a gathering place that awakens the senses and brings people together. Discover Finnish design and find your own favourites that make every meal special. Create your own Finnish table setting with our products.


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