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Finnish Reading Material – Magazines to keep you connected to Finland

Want to get in touch with Finnish culture and language? Do you want to keep up to date with what's happening in Finland or deepen your understanding of Finnish literature? Fortunately, there are many Finnish books and magazines that offer just that. In this article, we focus in particular on Finnish magazines, which offer a unique window into Finnish daily life, entertainment and culture.

Magazines - Entertainment and in-depth articles

Seiska - Entertainment number one

Seiska or 7 days, is known to be one of Finland's most popular weekly magazines, providing its readers with entertainment, celebrity news, and the hottest gossip. On Seiska's pages you can peek into the lives of Finnish celebrities, follow current events and enjoy bold reports. Seiska is an excellent choice for those who want to keep up to date with the Finnish entertainment world and enjoy a light-hearted read at the same time.

Me Naiset - Women's magazine

Me Naiset is a Finnish magazine that focuses on women's lives, well-being, fashion and beauty. It offers inspiring stories, in-depth interviews and tips for everyday life. Me Naiset is aimed at women who value quality content and want to keep up to date with Finnish society and culture. You can also find recipes, travel tips and much more.

Crossword magazines - Brain exercises in Finnish

Crossword magazines are an excellent way to keep up your Finnish language skills and at the same time offer your brain a nice nibble. There is a wide range of crossword puzzles in Finland, suitable for beginners and more experienced crossword solvers alike. They offer not only a linguistic challenge but also information about Finnish culture, history and current events.

Finnish books and magazines offer a unique opportunity to stay in touch with Finnish culture, language and society. They provide not only entertainment and information, but also a great opportunity to practice and maintain your Finnish language skills. Finnish reading offers a variety of ways to stay in touch with Finland, whether you are physically far away or close by. So turn the page and dive into the world of Finnish literature and magazines - it's one of the best ways to stay in touch with Finland. Our entire book and magazine spread can be found here.