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Suomalaiset Jouluperinteet: Lämpöä ja valoa pimeään talveen

Finnish Christmas traditions: warmth and light in the dark winter

Christmas is a time to stop, enjoy the company of loved ones and rest. It is a time when Finns focus on family, friends and community.
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Suomalainen Juhannus: Kesäyön taikaa ja perinteitä

Finnish Midsummer: magic and traditions of the summer night

Midsummer's Eve, also known as the mid-summer festival, is one of Finland's most beloved celebrations.
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Suomalainen Vappu: Kevään juhlan perinteet ja herkut

Finnish May Day: traditions and delicacies of the spring festival

Vappu is one of Finland's most popular festivals, symbolising the beginning of spring and bringing together families and friends alike to celebrate.
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Suomalainen kosmetiikka ja hygieniatuotteet

Purity of the North - Finnish cosmetics and hygiene products around the world

Finnish cosmetics and hygiene products have gained an international reputation for purity, quality and sustainability.
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Suomalaiset lehdet ja kirjat

Finnish Reading Material – Magazines to keep you connected to Finland

Want to get in touch with Finnish culture and language? Do you want to keep up to date with what's happening in Finland or deepen your understanding of Finnish literature?
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Suomalainen kattaus ja muotoilu

Finnish table setting and design: create a cosy dining environment

Finnish design is known around the world for its minimalist style, functionality and natural materials.
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suomalainen sauna

Secrets of the Finnish sauna - Best tips and accessories for an authentic sauna experience

The Finnish sauna is much more than just a place to cleanse yourself; it's a space for relaxation, meditation and togetherness.
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suomalaiset kasviproteiinit

Plant proteins the Finnish way: New innovations and traditional flavors

The popularity of plant proteins has grown exponentially around the world, and Finland is at the forefront of this development.
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Luomu ja erikoisruokavaliot: Kuinka Suomi vastaa nykypäivän tarpeisiin

Organic food and special diets: how Finland is responding to today's needs

Finland's cold climate and clean natural conditions provide an ideal environment for organic production.
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Suomalaiset lastenruuat

Finnish baby food: safety and versatility on your child's plate

Finnish baby food is known worldwide for its safety, nutritional value and variety.
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Suomalaiset pääsiäisperinteet: Suklaamunat, pääsiäisherkut ja virpominen

Finnish Easter Traditions: Chocolate Eggs, Delicious Food and the act of wishing

Easter is one of the most anticipated spring festivals in Finland, bringing not only light and warmth but also a rich array of traditions and customs.
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Suomalaiset säilykkeet

Finnish Preserves: Long-lasting flavour memories

While fresh ingredients are the heart of Finnish cuisine, preserves are an integral part of this tradition, providing long-lasting taste memories and the opportunity to enjoy Finnish delicacies all year round, even abroad.
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