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Suomalaiset Säilykkeet: Pitkäikäisiä Makumuistoja

Finnish Preserves: Long-lasting flavour memories

While fresh ingredients are the heart of Finnish cuisine, preserves are an integral part of this tradition, providing long-lasting taste memories and the opportunity to enjoy Finnish delicacies all year round, even abroad.
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Metsän Aarteet Purkissa: Suomalaiset Hillot ja Marjatuotteet

Forest Treasures in a Jar: Finnish Jams and Berry Products

Finnish forests are full of treasures, the most valuable of which are undoubtedly berries. They are nature's own superfoods, and in Finland picking them is part of a national tradition.
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Grillaa Suomalaisittain MUURIKKA®-tuotteilla

Grill Finnish style with MUURIKKA® products

Grilling is an essential part of the Finnish summer, offering unique taste experiences and a sense of community.
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Puurot, myslit ja murot: Aloita päiväsi suomalaisella tavalla

Start Your Day the Finnish Way: Porridges, Muesli, and Cereals

Breakfast plays an important role in Finnish food culture. It is the first meal of the day, giving you energy and a good start to the day.
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Opas Suomalaisiin herkkuihin: Karjalanpiirakoista Salmiakkiin

The Ultimate Guide to Finnish Delicacies: From Karelian Pies to Salmiakki

Finnish cuisine is a reflection of the country's vast landscapes, seasonal variations, and deep-rooted traditions.
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Lakka: Arktisen alueen kultainen herkku

Cloudberry Jam: The Golden Treasure of the Arctic

Cloudberries (Rubus chamaemorus) are not just any fruit; they are a symbol of the untouched Nordic wilderness.
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Suomalaiset sesonkiherkut: Mitä nauttia ja milloin

Seasonal Finnish Treats: What to Enjoy and When

In Finland, the changing seasons bring not only shifts in the landscape but also in the culinary traditions that are deeply embedded in the country's culture.
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A Culinary Adventure: Exploring the World of Canned Moose Meat

A Culinary Adventure: Exploring the World of Canned Moose Meat

In the vast and rugged landscapes where moose roam freely, there lies a culinary secret that has been part of northern traditions for generations: canned moose meat. 
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Powdered Milk: The Convenient and Versatile Kitchen Staple – Exploring Uses and Benefits

Powdered Milk: The Convenient and Versatile Kitchen Staple – Exploring Uses and Benefits

This convenient and versatile kitchen staple, made by evaporating milk to dryness, is a powerhouse of nutrition and utility.
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Ruisleipää Suomesta: Miksi Suomalainen ruisleipä on terveyden kannalta hyvä valinta?

Why Finnish Rye Bread is Unlike Any Other: Unpacking Its Unique Taste and Texture

Finnish rye bread, or ruisleipä, stands as a proud emblem of Finland's rich culinary heritage.
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Fazerin sininen

Finnish Sweets: A Journey to Nostalgia

In this article, we dive into the world of Finnish sweets, explore the history and how they remind Finns of their homeland.
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