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Finnish baby food: safety and versatility on your child's plate

Finnish baby food is known worldwide for its safety, nutritional value and variety. In Finland, children's foods are made from high-quality, often locally produced ingredients and are designed to support children's healthy growth and development. In this article, we explore why Finnish baby food is an excellent choice for families.

Safety first

Finnish baby food meets strict quality and safety standards. Products are often organic and avoid unnecessary additives, ensuring a clean and healthy diet for children.

Variety of flavours

Variety is key to a child's dietary development. Finnish manufacturers offer a wide range of products for children of all ages, from purees to snacks for school children. This ensures that children are offered a variety of tastes and nutrients that promote healthy eating habits.

Organic close to the heart

Organic is at the heart of Finnish baby food. The products are produced according to sustainable development principles and contain a high proportion of pure local ingredients. This not only supports children's health, but also protects the environment for the future.

Piltti - Made in Finland

Piltti is a well known and appreciated brand in Finland. Piltti baby food mixes are known for their high quality ingredients and nutritional value, which support healthy growth and development of the child. The purees contain a diverse range of fruits and vegetables, providing your child with a variety of vitamins and minerals. Piltti pays particular attention to safety and purity, avoiding unnecessary additives. The range of products covers different developmental stages, allowing parents to easily introduce their child to new flavours and textures to meet their child's needs.

Finnish baby food is a safe, nutritious and versatile choice that supports your child's growth and development. By choosing Finnish, you can be sure that your child is getting the best possible nutrition. A child's diet is an investment in their future, and Finnish baby food provides a solid foundation for a healthy life.


Valio Onni® lingonberry porridge with rye 215 g UHT (from 1 year) 15 pcs


Piltti 110g Filled porridge Mango, oats & wheat 6 months 8PCS MULTIPACK

Piltti Nordic Flavours 125g Little Karelian stew children's meal 5 months 12 pcs MULTIPACK