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Suomalaiset pääsiäisperinteet: Suklaamunat, pääsiäisherkut ja virpominen

Finnish Easter Traditions: Chocolate Eggs, Delicious Food and the act of wishing

 Easter is one of the most anticipated spring festivals in Finland, bringing not only light and warmth but also a rich array of traditions and customs. In this article, we delve into the Finnish Easter celebration, focusing particularly on the significance of chocolate eggs, the array of delicious foods associated with Easter, and the unique charm of the act of wishing or “virpominen” as we call it in Finland. 

The sweet secret of chocolate eggs

Chocolate eggs are an integral part of Finnish Easter. They are not only delicious but also hide the joyful surprise of chocolate inside. The history of chocolate eggs stretches far back, symbolizing the beginning of new life and the arrival of spring. Today, chocolate eggs are also a popular gift for friends and family members during Easter. Their variety ranges from simple milk chocolate eggs to complex handcrafted art pieces, beautifully decorated and impressively packaged. Some of the most popular chocolate eggs include Mignon or small filled eggs with paper wrapping.

Easter delicacies: More than just chocolate

Alongside chocolate eggs, the Finnish Easter table shines with many traditional dishes. Lamb is an Easter classic, often prepared as a roast or in a herb-infused broth. Other dishes that pay homage to tradition include mämmi, a traditional dessert made with a rye bread base and malt, which divides opinions but is definitely worth trying. Pasha, a cheesecake borrowed from Russian traditions, is also a popular treat, often served with a fresh berry sauce.

Virpominen: A Finnish Easter tradition

Virpominen is a Finnish Easter tradition that connects children and communities across the country. This unique way of celebrating Easter occurs on Palm Sunday when children dress up as witches or trolls going door-to-door reciting spells and wishing good health and luck. In return, they receive chocolate eggs or small gifts. Virpominen is both a fun and meaningful way to celebrate community and the arrival of spring.

Finnish Easter traditions, from chocolate eggs and delicious foods to virpominen, reflect a deep cultural appreciation for the renewal of spring and the celebration of community unity. Easter in Finland is a time for indulgence, gift-giving, and reviving old traditions that bring joy and light to the spring festival. Whether it's enjoying chocolate eggs, preparing traditional foods, or participating in virpominen, Finnish Easter offers unique ways to come together and celebrate the arrival of spring. Here you can browse our entire Easter offering.


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