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Martinex Moomin Fall Party spatula M

Tuotteen alin hinta viimeisen 30 päivän aikana: 12,90 EUR

Atmospherically colorful medium-sized arrow with a wooden shaft and 27 cm long. In the image of the head of a silicone arrow, the people of Moomin Valley are preparing for the autumn harvest festival, and on its stem is a charming Moomin's musing.

There is an autumn festival in Moomin Valley. In the darkening evening, the paper lanterns hung here and there twinkle, and Moomin clearly plans to hang more of them. The others are already in a party mood: Niiskuneiti is going down the slide, there are people on the dance floor, Nipsu is trying to say something out loud, and Moominpappa, on the other hand, looks thoughtfully around. Moominma has a basket full of fruit: what delicious thing can she make from it? Mrs. Vilijonkka, on the other hand, seems to be already leaving: could she just put the children to bed and then come back to the party? Atmospheric and good-natured autumn parties invite you to join in and enjoy!

The medium-sized Arrow will not scratch bowls or pots. The head of the dart is flexible silicone, which can be used to scrape the dough bowl clean easily and the dough is not wasted. The arrow is also a handy aid when applying frostings or toppings. The shaft of the arrow is made of wood, it has a small hole for hanging and is laser engraved: "They must have been very happy. He did a somersault here - that's clear enough' - Moomintroll”. The arrow can be wonderfully combined with other products from the Moomin Fall Party series. For wonderfully happy baking moments!

Note! Product images are just an example and the final product may look different.