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Green Bee Hile Sauna ice 30 g


The thin sauna ice is like thin spring ice. With Hile sauna ice, you get a new feeling and smell in the sauna - amazingly fresh. As a sauna scent, Hile sauna ice is a specialty and an interesting experience. Menthol crystal is synthetically produced from mint oil. The crystal is placed with a spoon on the stove on top of the stones, or added to a ladle and thrown into the ladle. You get a pleasant, slower-spreading scent in the sauna when you put a couple of small flakes or a small amount of sauna snow in a sauna cup/sauna boat filled with water.

A hile of sauna ice is enough, because the crystal is light and only a small crumb is needed - 30 g of the bag is enough for many great cool sauna moments.

NOTE! not directly on the heating elements of an electric heater - the crystal may catch fire as it is made of essential peppermint oil!

The crystal evaporates along with the water on the stones and releases a wonderfully fresh menthol scent into the air and creates a cool air bite, which is a fun contrast to a hot bath. The crystals can be handled with dry hands, menthol is released from the crystals into wet hands, which is very cooling. Menthol that gets on the skin from the hands in the sauna creates a special burning-cooling effect. It is safest to handle the crystals in the sauna, e.g. with a spoon. Store in a closed box in a dry place, out of the reach of children! The same menthol is also found in various ice gels and medicated creams, which are used for e.g. muscle injuries. Hile sauna ice is also a strong airway opener - suitable for flu season. Use carefully, start with a small amount, e.g. one small crystal.

Note! When sauna ice gets on the skin, it causes a particularly intense feeling of cold and also increases blood circulation. within the precincts of. This does not cause any danger to the skin, the feeling disappears after a while.

Content 100% natural product menthol (manufactured synthetically from mint oil).
Manufacturer: Green Bee Oy, Kotka