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Forsman tea blackcurrant tea 60g

Tuotteen alin hinta viimeisen 30 päivän aikana: 3,50 EUR

Do you remember that feeling when you picked currants from the end of summer? You get the same feeling when you open a package of blackcurrant tea.

The base of the tea is stimulating Indian black Ceylon tea. It has been supplemented with leaves of the blackcurrant bush and natural blackcurrant oil. When tea is brewed, a wonderful aroma of blackcurrant wafts out of the pan! The same feeling as when making blackcurrant juice.

Blackcurrant tea is suitable for consumption at any time. Black tea is slightly invigorating, so when flu season hits, this is a great choice. The black currant leaves contained in blackcurrant tea are diuretic, that is, they promote fluid removal from the body. The leaves have been used as a folk remedy for colds. Now they bring a great aroma and taste to the tea! The natural blackcurrant oil also adjusts the taste precisely.


India-Ceylon tea, natural blackcurrant oil and blackcurrant leaves.

Country of origin/country of manufacture



Aaro Forsman Oy
Suokalliontie 7, 01740 Vantaa

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