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Elovena Snack bar oat-cranberry 10x30g


Elovena Oat-honey snack
Long-lasting energy in a tasty form!

The tasty and conveniently individually packed Elovena Snack Cookies can easily be carried in a handbag, school backpack or training bag. Four delicious options: oat-fruit, power oat, oat-cranberry and oat-honey. Taste them all and choose your favorite!

Elovena Snack cookies contain healthy whole grain oats and oat bran. The fiber contained in oats evens out the rise in blood sugar after a meal. This way, energy is released slowly and you can last longer. Hunger never surprises you!

Elovena Snack cookies are products with a tested low glycemic index. It means that energy is released from them more slowly, so that the feeling of satiety lasts longer and fatigue does not strike as easily. Foods with a high glycemic index, on the other hand, are absorbed quickly, causing blood sugar to fluctuate. They don't keep hunger away for more than a moment. So slowness is a good thing! A diet with a low glycemic index has been shown to be important, e.g. in weight management, prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Enjoy Elovena Snack cookies at work, school, on a trip and whenever you need extra strength in a delicious form!

TäysjyväKAURA ja KAURAlese (52%), rypsiöljy, puolukkasose 9% (puolukka, sokeri, aromi), vesi, perunatärkkelys, sokeri, muunnettu tärkkelys, puolukkarouhe (3,5%), nostatusaineet (E500, E450i), suola, emulgointiaine (rypsilesitiini).