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Valio lactose-free low-fat milk powder instant 400 g

Tuotteen alin hinta viimeisen 30 päivän aikana: 11,16 EUR

Multipurpose Valio lactose-free low-fat milk powder instant is lactose-free low-fat milk in a convenient and well-preserved form. The powder does not require cold storage, which is why it is an ideal milk supply for the home kitchen, cottage, boat and on trips. Lactose-free, low-fat milk powder is excellent for cooking and baking. The instant feature means that the powder dissolves quickly in liquids.

Low-fat milk, emulsifier (rapeseed lecithin), vitamin D

Use of the product
Powdered milk can be used versatilely in cooking and baking. Powdered milk increases the fluffiness of pastries, gives a golden-yellow baking surface and a rich taste. Baked goods stay juicy longer because the powder binds moisture.


Food preparation: Mix milk powder with either dry ingredients or liquid. Milk powder does not need to be cooked, so you can add it, for example, to soup and porridge at the end of the preparation. Use a temperature 25 °C lower than normal when preparing oven dishes. Milk powder can also be sprinkled on foods during the pureeing phase (e.g. mashed potatoes).

Baking: Mix milk powder with either dry ingredients or liquid.


Mixture corresponding to milk: about 2.5 dl milk powder + 1 l water 1 dl milk powder weighs 44 g

More information
400 g = 4 liters of lactose-free skimmed milk. The nutritional information is partly based on calculated nutritional value figures. The product is not intended for feeding children under 1 year of age. Inner bag for mixed waste.

Country of origin Finland
Country of manufacture Finland
Manufacturer Valio Oy, Lapinlahti
Domesticity rate 99.3% (vitamin D and lecithin are not domestic)

Additional features
lactose free
plenty of protein
low fat
no added sugars
naturally contains sugars
low salt
gluten-free (less than 20mg/kg)

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