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Reformi Organic Meat Stock Cube 88g 8pcs


Reformi Luomu Meat broth cube is made from high-quality organic raw materials.
Suitable for soups, sauces and casseroles. Also season the cooking water for rice and pasta.
Gluten free
No additives
No added yeast
Does not contain monosodium glutamate

suola, tärkkelys* (maissi*), kovettamaton kasvirasva* (palmu*), naudanrasva* 7 %, raakaruokosokeri*, tomaattijauhe*, paahdettu sokeri*, naudanlihajauhe* 2,2 %, luontaiset aromit, sipuli*, persilja*, muskotti*, pippuri*, rosmariini*. *luomu

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