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Rantanen Talcum flour 1 kg


High-fiber, protein-rich, no added sugar (including natural sugars), vegan. Ripe whole grain product that contains 28% fiber. A good product from Finland, 100% Finnish grain. Rantanen's talcum powder is made from unhusked grain according to Hämäläinen's recipe. In addition to oats and barley, it contains peas. The ready-to-use flour is suitable for yogurt, curd or vili as it is. It is a fiber-rich supplement for making granola, fresh porridge and smoothies. Also suitable for baking. Two tablespoons a day corresponds to the daily fiber requirement. Laihian Mallas Oy is a Finnish family business that obtains a large part of the grain raw material it uses from the surrounding area.

KAURA, OHRA, HERNE, vesi, suola.