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Paulig Café Parisien filter coffee 400g

Tuotteen alin hinta viimeisen 30 päivän aikana: 7,92 EUR

Paulig Café Parisien is a very dark, gentle, poised and chocolatey filter coffee. Paulig Café Parisien, part of Paulig's Urban Coffee series, is inspired by Parisian coffee culture and, in the French way, Café Parisien is roasted very dark. Paulig Café Parisie coffee is perfect for unhurried morning Café au lait milk coffee. Lovers of dark roasted coffee also like it as it is, made with the filter method or in a press pan. Paulig Café Parisie's finely ground coffee is especially suitable for savory pastries, such as croissants, as well as less sweet pastries. The coffee blend contains UTZ-certified coffee beans from South and Central America, Africa and India. African coffee beans bring a berry flavor to Paulig Cafe Parisie coffee, and a small slice of Indian robusta balances the coffee's taste. Roasting level 5.

The UTZ certificate granted to the product ensures and verifies the responsible production method of coffee.

• Very dark and chocolatey French-style coffee
• Production by filter method or press pan
• Best in the morning as Café au lait milk coffee with salty pastries

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