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Muurikka Smoking Container 42 cm

Tuotteen alin hinta viimeisen 30 päivän aikana: 119,00 EUR
The round Muurikka Smoking Container is made of high-quality stainless steel. The Smoking Container can be used on an open fire, electric grill or gas burner. It is compatible with all Muurikka Summer Kitchens Comes with a griddle, fat plate, smoking chips are sprinkled to the bottom of the tray Tray diameter 42 cm, smoking griddle diameter 40 cm The round Smoking Container is a perfect accessory for the Muurikka Summer Kitchen Gas and Electric. Gas burners and the Electric Grill provide the smoking container with even and easily controlled heat, which makes smoking fish, meat and vegetables easy. Wooden handle makes it easier to move the lid. Also suitable for open fire. Made of stainless steel. Place the fat plate onto the chips. Place the gutted fish onto the grating and the lid onto the smoking container. The fish is ready when the backbones and skin come off easily. You can also salt the fish after smoking and avoid the brine from corroding the inside. Clean and dry the smoking container and griddle always after use. In this case, the product is immediately ready for the next use and the dripped salt will not corrode the smoking container. Smoking meat: Meat can first be cooked in a grill or pan and finally flavoured with smoke in the smoking container. You can also cook the food directly in the smoking container and also add the smoking chips towards the end of cooking. When smoking meat, you can also try other types of smoking chips besides alder chips, such as apple tree or oak.

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