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Muurikka Electric smoker PRO 1200 W Party model, Meater Plus Frying meter

Tuotteen alin hinta viimeisen 30 päivän aikana: 279,00 EUR

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Genuine and original Muurikka electric smoker 1200 W with two smoking levels, now in an even more versatile PRO version and together with the Meater Plus roasting meter. The easy-to-use smoker is equipped with temperature control (between 75-230 °C), a thermometer and a ventilation valve. The device works as a ready-to-use smoker by using smoking chips and as a garden stove without chips all year round. It is easy to adjust the temperature of the device to suit the preparation of different foods, so you can prepare delicious fish, meat, vegetables, shellfish and whatever your heart desires!

The thermometer attached to the frame makes it easy to monitor and adjust the smoking temperature. Through the ventilation valve at the back of the smoker, excess moisture escapes from the device, and the handle attached to the fat flap helps to take the delicacies from the smoker. The appliance's grill, grease tray and chewing tray are machine washable, so cleaning the appliance is easy. The Muurikka smoker is designed, manufactured and inspected in Finland. The package contains smoking instructions, a small bag of smoking chips, a recipe booklet and a protective hood.

The Meater+ is a completely wireless cooking meter with excellent Bluetooth capabilities. The roasting meter has two built-in temperature sensors, with which the application installed on the phone helps you prepare perfect meat time after time. With the help of the Meater+ wireless frying meter, you can make restaurant-quality meat dishes effortlessly at home. The wireless cooking meter works in the oven, grill and smoker.

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