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Muurikka Electric grill table model 2200 W

Tuotteen alin hinta viimeisen 30 päivän aikana: 269,00 EUR

The efficient electric grill heats up quickly and evenly. The protective container makes it easy to keep the grill clean.

Ready to grill in 3 minutes
Stainless steel grill grate
Powerful electric grill made of stainless steel
Stepless power adjustment
Signal light
Lid with wooden handle
Interchangeable protective dishes available for the bottom of the grill, make it easier to clean the grill (included 1 pc.)
A comprehensive range of accessories available
A real backyard kitchen multifunction grill. The basic grill includes a grill grate and a lid. Thanks to the versatile accessories (Wall Pan, Paella Pan, Parilapannu, Grilster, Pizzakivi and Smoker Pan), you can prepare delicious grilled food as well as wall-pans and steaks, smoke fish, prepare pizza and make tasty paella food for a larger group... Cleaning is made easier by the protective container made of sturdy aluminum foil that can be placed on top of the grease tray. The electric grill comes with 1 protective container. The electric grill can be attached to the separately available Muurikka summer kitchen.

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