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Lumene LÄHDE Power Moisturizer 50 ml

Tuotteen alin hinta viimeisen 30 päivän aikana: 19,92 EUR

Intensive moisturizing for all skin types immediately and for 72 hours* with the renewed, refillable Lumene LÄHDE Intensive moisturizing cream.

The light day cream contains new plumping triple hyaluronic acid and moisturizing northern organic birch sap and pure northern spring water. It deeply moisturizes and absorbs quickly, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Our innovative Hydra technology contains hyaluronic acid in three different molecular sizes, which effectively moisturizes the different layers of the skin. The smaller molecular size is absorbed deeper into the skin, providing rich hydration, while the larger molecular sizes form a moisturizing protective wall.

The day cream is vegan and contains raw materials obtained from side streams and northern nature. Recyclable and recycled materials have been used in the production of the new, refillable packaging. Made in Finland.

Clinically tested* power duo for skin in need of moisture! Lumene LÄHDE Intensive moisturizing serum used together with the best-selling LÄHDE Intensive moisturizing cream offers +103% immediate hydration and up to 100 hours of intensive and long-lasting hydration.

*Measurement of skin moisture level, , n=25, in vivo 2022

Use: Apply to clean face and neck skin. For best results, use together with serum.

Lumene - High-quality northern beauty for a better future.

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