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Fazer Salmiakki 40g


Traditional Fazer salmiakki in a 40 gram box. Fazer's basic salmiakki for many tastes, Suomikauppa's most popular salmiakki box! This is the familiar and safe salmiakki that many of us already ate in our childhood.


Ingredients: sugar, thickener (E 414), modified potato starch, glucose syrup, licorice extract, ammonium chloride (salmiack), salt, stabilizer (E 420), glucose-fructose syrup, aroma, surface treatment agent (E 903). Contains licorice - people suffering from high blood pressure must avoid excessive consumption of the product

Gluten-free (<20mg/kg), Does not contain milk, Does not contain soy, Does not contain walnuts/almonds, Does not contain soy, Does not contain ingredients of animal origin, Does not contain gelatin (ingredients of pig origin)