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Fazer Pantteri salmiakki Aski 38g


FAZER Pantteri salmiakki Aski 38g

Original Fazer Pantteri salmiakki pastilles since 1965.
The pantteri bag also reaches the top 10 best-selling products in Suomikauppa year after year.

The story of Pantteri, who belongs to the absolute nobility of the Salmiakis, began almost 40 years ago in 1961. Salmiakkinappi, born in 1970, was named Pantteri in 1982. There have been several variations of the Panther over the years, e.g. salmiakki grain, strong salmiakki lozenge and lozenge sweetened with xylitol. In recent years, the panther has also jumped into bags with different flavors.

Salmiaki kristi lozenges.
sugar, thickener (E 414), licorice extract, glucose syrup, ammonium chloride (salmiack), aroma, surface treatment agent (E 903), color (E 153).
Gluten-free (<20mg/kg), Does not contain milk, Does not contain soy, Does not contain walnuts/almonds, Does not contain soy, Does not contain ingredients of animal origin, Does not contain gelatin (ingredients of pig origin)