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Fazer Alku Home garden muesli 375 g


We made muesli, the flavors are familiar and the ingredients can be found in our own backyard. We added delicious seeds that provide protein. Home garden mysle is rich in fiber and does not contain additives. The sweetness comes from the honey. Made from domestic whole grain at the Lahti mill.
The product has been awarded the Hyväa Suomesta Joutsenlippu label of origin and the Heart label. The packaging can be recycled as collection cardboard.

TäysjyväKAURAhiutale, täysjyväOHRAhiutale, täysjyväRUIShiutale, hedelmiä ja marjoja 9 % (kuivattu punakuorinen omena, kuivattu mustaherukka, kuivattu vadelma), auringonkukansiemen (5 %), kurpitsansiemen (4,5 %), hunaja, rypsiöljy, jodioitu merisuola.

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