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Arabia - Moomin Mug Moominmama marmalade 0.3 L

Tuotteen alin hinta viimeisen 30 päivän aikana: 24,90 EUR

1 review

Moomin mom is the mainstay of Moomin Valley and the heart of Moomin House - a gentle and resourceful mother figure who doesn't let little things bother her. Moominmamma knows how to act correctly in all situations and you can always get advice and comfort from her. Moominmamma takes care not only of her family, but also of everyone who comes to visit Moomin House - for a short or long time. Moominmamma also knows how to enjoy life and take time for herself, for example by enjoying a coffee. He has a housekeeper, Miisa, because his neighbor, Mrs. Vilijonkka, thinks that the Moomin family needs one in their messy house.

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