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Keliakiaviikko 04.-10.09.

Celiac week 04.-10.09.

In Finland this week is national Celiac week. The aim is to increase awareness of gluten-free products and diet and to help people with celiac disease in building a healthy diet.

Suomikauppa.fi also sells countless gluten-free products, from bread and cookies to sweets and drinks. We have separate category for gluten-free products, but also many products in other categories are either gluten-free or low-gluten.

Brand highlights:

Vaasan Moilas fresh breads are gluten-free and delicious! We sell Moilas breads in batches of two bags.

>> Browse Vaasan bakery breads

Semper products are of high quality and gluten-free.

>> Browse gluten-free products

Karviainen farm's broad bean products are also gluten-free!

>> Browse Voima-Papu products


Our customer service will be happy to help if you have questions about the gluten content of products.


Finnish Celiac Association home page