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Fazerin sininen

Finnish Sweets: A Journey to Nostalgia

In Finland, sweets are much more than just delicacies; they are part of culture, tradition and childhood memories. For many Finns, certain sweets mean a return to the past, to childhood celebrations, family gatherings and moments when even a small bag of sweets could bring great joy. In this article, we dive into the world of Finnish sweets, explore their history and how they remind Finns of their homeland.

Fazer's Blue

Perhaps the most iconic position in the hearts of Finns has been captured by Fazer's Sininen, officially called Fazer's blue milk chocolate . Produced since 1922, the chocolate bar is known for its soft, rich taste and blue, star-patterned wrapper. Fazer's Blue is not just chocolate; it is part of Finnish identity and memories, a gift that brings comfort and joy.

Salty liquorice

Salmiakki, that divisive combination of licorice and ammonium chloride, is nevertheless a favorite delicacy for Finns. It reflects the uniqueness of Finnish taste preferences and is a source of pride. Salmiakki is versatile: it can be found as soft sweets, hard lozenges, mixed with chocolate and even in drinks. Its unique taste reminds Finns of their homeland, wherever they are. Check out our salmiakki selection.

Turkish pepper

Another Fazer classic, Turkinpippuri , is a strong salmiakki sweet that has conquered the hearts of Finns since 1977. Its fiery, salmiakki flavored shell and powdery interior make it an unforgettable taste experience. Turkish pepper's name and taste take thoughts to exotic countries, but its roots are strongly in Finland.

Panda Assorted chocolates

Panda's assorted chocolates are another example of Finnish confectionery culture. They have been part of Finns' celebrations and gatherings for decades, offering a wide range of flavors to chocolate lovers. Candies combine chocolate, toffee, berries and nuts into delicious pieces that bring family and friends together. Order and taste!

Silver toffee

Silver toffee, that soft, caramel-like delicacy, is a nostalgic piece for Finns. Its recognizable silver-colored wrapper and soft, sweet taste remind many of childhood candy moments. Silver Toffee has maintained its popularity over the years, being one of those sweets that you keep coming back to again and again.

Why Finnish Sweets?

Finnish sweets are more than just sugar and taste. They are part of Finnish culture, history and tradition. They remind Finns of their homeland, whether it's a Finn living abroad or a longing for nostalgia on the couch at home. Sweets remind me of childhood summers, holidays and those moments when even a small joy could be great.

Finnish sweets are a trip to nostalgia, a reminder that even though the world changes, some things remain. They are the unifying force of generations, taste memories that pass from parents to children, evoking the same feeling of warmth and joy.


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