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Melatal 1.9 mg melatonin lozenge 90 tabl. Vitabalans


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Strong 1.9mg melatonin lozenge, sweetened with xylitol and fresh spearmint flavor. A Vainlippu product made in Finland, which makes it easier to fall asleep and relieves the stress of the time difference. Sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, yeast-free, no animal ingredients, also suitable for vegans.

Täyteaineet (mikrokiteinen seluuloosa E 460, tärkkelys, kalsiumvetyfosfaattihydraatti E341), emulgointiaine (rasvahappojen magnesiumsuolat E470b), paakkuuntumisenestoaine (piidioksidi E551), melatoniini.