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Valio blueberry soup 250 g seedless


Valio berry soups have the delicious taste of home-made soup. The familiar Valio berry soups are easy and healthy to enjoy in many situations.

Valio berry soups are delicious on their own as a snack or dessert, with porridge, as an ice cream sauce or as an ingredient in a shake.

The raw materials of Valio berry soups are first-class, and the high quality of the berry soups is controlled by laboratory tests.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, blueberry juice (7.5%) Does not contain seeds. Store unopened at room temperature.

vesi, sokeri, mustikkatäysmehu (9 %), sakeuttamisaine (guarkumi), muunnettu maissitärkkelys, happamuudensäätöaine (sitruunahappo).