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SINITUOTE Jointed Floor wiper 40 cm

Tuotteen alin hinta viimeisen 30 päivän aikana: 29,90 EUR

The floor wiper is an effective tool for drying floors even in tight spaces.

The joint of the floor wiper makes it easy to work even in tight spaces, and it also bends under furniture. The wiper fits all SINI tool arms. The wiper is a flagship product manufactured in Finland.

The wiper has cloth holders to which you can easily attach a Floor Cloth or Microfiber Floor Cloth for washing. A parquet mop can also be used with the floor dryer.


Width 40 cm
Purpose of use

Drying the floors and walls of the bathroom and other damp areas.
Washing and waxing the floors.

Attaching the wiper to the stem

The wiper fits all SINI tool arms.
Attach the wiper to the SINI tool arm so that the plastic pins on the lower plug of the arm snap into the holes in the base of the wiper.
When removing the stem, press the tool lightly with, for example, your foot and pull the stem off.

Attaching a cloth for washing the floor

The cleaning cloth is attached under the holders by lifting them slightly.
A thin cloth can also be attached to the spike on top of the holder.
The floor wiper can also be used for waxing floors with a parquet wiper.


The articulated floor wiper must be rinsed before use, between uses and always after use.
Press lightly against the surface to be dried and dry with even strokes.
Some floor materials may change color when they react with rubber.

Treatment instructions

Rinse thoroughly after use and air dry.
To keep the dryer hygienic, it should be stored hanging, and not against the floor.

Note! Product images are just an example and the final product may look different.