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Semper 500g Gluten Free Fine Flour Mix


Gluten-free flour mixture for baking sandwiches, buns, breadcrumbs and cakes. The flour mixture is also suitable for food preparation and e.g. making pies. Does not contain wheat starch. Dairy-free and egg-free. Suitable for the low FODMAP diet.

Maissitärkkelys, riisijauho, perunajauho, modifioitu perunatärkkelys, sokeri, sakeuttamisaineet (guarkumi, hydroksipropyylimetyyliselluloosa, natriumalginaatti, pektiini), nostatusaineet (glukonodeltalaktoni, natriumbikarbonaatti), kivennäisaine (rauta), vitamiinit (tiamiini, riboflaviini, niasiini, B6, foolihappo).

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