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Riipinen Reindeer pelt XL approx. 130x80cm


We have run out of stock for this item.

Approximate size:
length approx. 130cm-140cm
width approx. 80-100cm

The decorative pelts are manufactured in the arctic circle, close to the origin of the raw materials.

In order for the decorative pelt to bring you joy for as long as possible, carefully follow the care instructions below.

It is possible that after you buy the pelt and take it home, individual hairs may come off. Reindeer fur is hollow inside and therefore prone to breakage.

In part, individual shedding may also be caused by the numerous stages of production, where mechanical stress is applied to the pelt. Usually, hair loss levels off over the next few months.

Please note, however, that the pelt is an individual natural product and due to its nature, small amounts of hair will continue to fall out during the life of the pelt. We always recommend careful handling of the pelt.

Pets may be very fond of the reindeer pelt, but they also have a tendency to use their paws to remove the fur from the pelt.

The pelt should also never be placed near a fireplace or heating element. Likewise, strong underfloor heating is not the best possible platform for the pelt, as the heat increases drying. It is also not recommended to store the pelt in a closed bag or roll, which prevents it from breathing. Always avoid rough handling, rubbing or shaking of the pelt.

If liquid spills on the pelt, the liquid should be carefully wiped off. If the leather side gets wet, turn the pelt to dry with the wet side up. Place the pelt horizontally if possible.

It is possible to clean the pelt carefully by vacuuming using a textile nozzle. Adjust the suction power as low as possible and always vacuum with the hair.

A good way to enjoy the beauty of the pelt for as long as possible is to place it as a decoration on the wall, for example. Reindeer pelts cannot withstand repeated walking on it, and if you step on it often, the fur side will be damaged due to the hollowness of the fur. When you take good care of the pelt, it will remain like the original for years.

We hope you enjoy your reindeer pelt and that it brings you a lot of joy – the pelt is a genuine piece of Arctic nature!

Note! Product images are just an example and the final product may look different.