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Riipinen 400g Canned reindeer meat


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E.g. For sauces, soups, on bread. You can also make patties out of the contents: remove the jar lid and bottom with a tear lid and a jar opener. Take the meat whole from the jar, cut into patties. Fry in a pan or on the grill. As a side dish, jelly.

Ingredients: Reindeer 67%, pork 11%, water, salt 1.8%, potato starch, soy protein, stabilizer (450E), glucose, spices and flavorings (including white pepper, allspice), protein hydrostat, antioxidant (E316), preservative (E250) ).

Poronliha 67%, sianliha 11% ( Suomi ), vesi, perunatärkkelys, SOIJAproteiini, stabilointiaine (E450), glukoosi, mausteet ja aromiaineet (mm. valkopippuri, maustepippuri), PROTEIINIHYDROLYSAATTI (SOIJA), hapettumisenestoaine (E316), säilöntäaine (E250).