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Moose paté 210g


With pretzels, on sandwich cakes, on bread, tapas. You can continue the pâté with a little French cream, etc., to make it more flexible. After this, you can squeeze the pulp through the extruder.

Venison (30%), pork (18%), pork liver, venison, water, skimmed milk powder, soy protein preparation, salt (1.4%), potato flour, spices, flavor enhancer (E621), stabilizer (E452), sugar, antioxidant (E300) ), spice extracts (e.g. pepper, paprika), preservative (E250), aromas. Meat 58%, meat and ingredients comparable to meat 80%.

Store unopened at room temperature in a dry place.

Best before at the bottom of the jar.

Hirvennliha(33%),vesi, sianliha,sianmaksa,perunatärkkelys,suola,SOIJAPROTEIINI, sokerit,mausteet(valkopippuri,inkivääri,korianteri),stabilointiaine(E450),hiivauute, hapettumisenestoaine(E316),aromit(rosmariini,timjami,neilikka),säilöntäaine(E250)