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Pielinen Kalajaloste Oy Wild fish in rapeseed oil 160g/120g

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This product is the best thing to ever hit the canning shelf. The gentle natural fish is a sustainable and tasty alternative to tuna, and is suitable for all kinds of cooking.


Finnish wild fish (contains e.g. bronze bream, ide and white bream in varying amounts), Finnish rapeseed oil, salt 1.3 g, glucose, onion, garlic, allspice, white pepper, turmeric extract, turmeric. Industrially separated fish meat, may contain broken rods.

No additives. Preservative free


Unopened at room temperature in a dry place, opened below +6° C.


Pielinen Kalajaloste Oy
Pitkäkoskentie 26, 75500 Nurmes, Finland

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