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Paulig Juhla Mocha Dark Roast coffee filter grinding 500g


Juhla Mokka Dark Roast coffee is dark roast coffee roasted to the Finnish taste. The pleasant taste of the coffee, which is remembered by many, is rich, nutty and toasty warm. Juhla Mokka Dark Roast coffee is a roasted and lingering 100% arabica coffee blend of the best coffee qualities from Central and South America and Africa. Juhla Mokka Tumma Paahto is a sure choice for every coffee table on its own or with milk at home, at work and at parties. Roasting degree 2.5.

• Nutty and toasty warm medium dark coffee for the Finnish taste
• For every coffee table at home, workplace and parties
• Enjoy as morning coffee or with chocolate pastries and cakes at the party table
• Filter making or pressure cooker