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Myllärin 1kg Organic Hurjan Wholemeal bun flour


Are we baking tasty and wildly grainy rolls? With Myllär's Organic Hurja Whole Grain Sämpyläjauho, you will surely succeed. The flour mixture consisting of six different grains contains sugar, which acts as food for the yeast, so the dough itself does not need any more sweetening. Go ahead and enjoy baking!

By using Myllärin products, you are also making a responsible choice. Myllärin products are made from domestic, nearby grain. Our mills run on green electricity produced by hydropower, and thermal energy is produced in our own bio-power plant by burning oat husks. From October 2020, the production of Myllärin products will be carbon neutral.

In addition to the delicious taste, Mylläri's products provide you with all the good properties of grains - fibers, proteins, fats and vitamins.

Ainekset: LuomuVEHNÄjauho, luomutäysjyvähiutaleet (RUIS, KAURA, vehnä, OHRA, tattari), luomukaurajauho, luomupellavansiemen, luomusokeri, luomuauringonkukansiemen, luomuhirssi, luomukaurarouhe, luomuohramallas, luomukasvirasva(rapsi), jauhonparanne (askorbiinihappo) ja entsyymi.