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Pinopp Kotikalja malt drink extract 3x35g


Traditional home kale is made by mixing the extract with warm water (+40 - +42 °C). Add sugar and mix well. Dry yeast is sprinkled on the surface of the liquid and lightly covered. Let it sit for a day at room temperature. The fermented home-made food is bottled and the caps are tightly closed. Home food is stored in a cool place. Fermentation stops at a temperature below +5 C. Prepare to enjoy the next day. Laihian Mallas Oy is a Finnish family business that obtains a large part of the grain raw material it uses from the surrounding area.

OHRAmallas, RUISmallas, vesi, elintarvikeväri (E150), humalauute, säilöntäaine (E202). Kuivahiiva, emulgointiaine (E491)