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Jenkki Enjoy Raspberry-Liquorice xylitol chewing gum 100g


Jenkki Enjoy Raspberry-Liquorice is a xylitol chewing gum that gives you two different taste experiences with one bite. The liquorice-flavored core of Jenkki Twisted is coated with a raspberry grain surface and together they form a taste experience that has already become a classic. In addition, chewing gum contains xylitol, which is good for the teeth.

List of ingredients

sweeteners (xylitol 35%, sorbitol, mannitol, maltitol syrup, acesulfame K), chewing gum base, flavors, licorice extract, stabilizer (gum arabic), ammonium chloride (=salmiak), colors (E120, E171), surface treatment (carnauba wax).

makeutusaineita (ksylitolia 35%, sorbitolia, mannitolia, maltitolisiirappia, asesulfaami K), purukumin perusmassaa, aromeja, lakritsiuutetta, stabilointiainetta (arabikumia), ammoniumkloridia (=salmiakkia), värejä (E120, E171), pintakäsittelyainetta (karnaubavahaa).