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Yalostaja 125g Tuna pate


Jalostaja's Tuna pateija is a gluten-free and preservative-free delicacy. Squeeze the tuna pate as it is on bread or enjoy it with boiled eggs, for example.

Jalostaja's versatile pâtés, made in Finland, are suitable both on everyday bread and for serving on many festive tables. The delicious pâtés are packed in tubes and unopened they can be kept at room temperature for a long time.

Rypsiöljy, TONNIKALA (32 %), vesi, KANANMUNA, MAITOJAUHE, suola, SOIJAPROTEIINIVALMISTE, mausteet (tomaatti, persilja, korianteri, valkopippuri), maltodekstriini, glukoosi, sakeuttamisaine (E466), happamuudensäätöaineet (E300, E330), aromit (sitruuna, sitruunaruoho, paprika, sipuli, kerma). Suolapitoisuus 2,1 %.