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Jalostaja 400g Beef preparation


Jalostajan's Beef preparation is an everyday savior that also tastes great as a picnic lunch. The beef product is lactose-free and gluten-free.

Jalostaja's canned meats are culinary classics that work in both cold and warm dishes. All Jalostaja's canned goods are made in Finland, and the cans are easy to sort - just put the rinsed can in the metal collection. All of the processor's cans will remain unopened at room temperature for a long time.

Naudanliha (alkuperä: useat EU-maat), vesi, muunneltu maissitärkkelys, SOIJAPROTEIINI, suola, stabilointiaineet (E450, E451), mausteuutteet, arominvahvenne (E621), hapettumisenestoaine (E315), rapsiöljy, aromit, säilöntäaine (natriumnitriitti). Lihapitoisuus 72 %.