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Jalostaja 435g Traditional Pea Soup


Jalostajan's Traditional pea soup is a hearty everyday dish for all gourmets who appreciate good taste. Additive-free pea contains domestic peas and pork, as well as 100% traditional flavors, which is why it is the perfect emergency food for acute hunger pangs.

Jalostaja's pea soup has been a domestic classic since 1952. In the selection made in Turku, Finland, you will find a suitable pea soup for every pea lover: just empty the contents of the jar into the pot, add water, heat and enjoy! The processor's pea soup can be kept unopened at room temperature for a long time, and our cans are easy to sort - rinse the can and put it in the metal collection.

Vesi, herne, sianliha, silava ja suola. Lihapitoisuus 4 %, lihaa ja lihaan verrattavia valmistusaineita yht. 6 %. Suolapitoisuus nautintavalmiissa tuotteessa 0,7 %.