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Herkkumaa Cucumber salad 430g


A delicious cucumber salad is suitable for e.g. as a side dish for warm meals. Paprika and onion perfectly complement the nutritious cucumber salad, which also tastes good on its own.

Ingredients: Cucumber (75%), sugar, onion, water, paprika, vinegar, modified corn starch, acidity regulator (sodium citrate), salt, thickeners (carrageenan, xanthan gum), spices (mustard seed, white pepper, turmeric), preservative (sodium benzoate), antioxidant (ascorbic acid), flavors, color (chlorophyll).

Storage: The unopened package can be stored at room temperature, the opened package in the refrigerator.

Kurkku (75 %), sokeri, vesi, sipuli, paprika, etikka, muunneltu maissitärkkelys, suola, sakeuttamisaineet (karrageeni, ksantaanikumi), mausteet (mm. SINAPINSIEMEN, valkopippuri, kurkuma), hapettumisenestoaineet (natriumsitraatti, askorbiinihappo), aromit, säilöntäaine (natriumbentsoaatti), väri (klorofylli).

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