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Fazer Xylimax Moomin 85g Pikku Myy berry-flavored first lozenge, full xylitol lozenge


A new, easily melt-in-your-mouth domestic full xylitol pastille, which is also suitable for the smallest. Pikku Myy's first pastille has a nice berry natural taste. A favorite of children and adults in a cheerfully colored, convenient jar!

Berry-flavored full xylitol lozenges.


Sweetener (xylitol 95%), firming agent (E470a, E466), natural flavors. Excessive use may have laxative effects.

makeutusaine (ksylitoli 95%), kiinteyttämisaineet, luontaiset aromit. Makeutettu ainoastaan ksylitolilla. Liiallisella käytöllä voi olla laksatiivisia vaikutuksia.