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Karl Fazer milk chocolate bar 200g


Finland's most loved chocolate, whose unique rich taste has been guaranteed by the best ingredients since 1922. The classic made with the original recipe is a Finnish national treasure with a soft taste that is easy to remember. You can also recognize this chocolate made from real milk by the blue wrapper, whose golden Karl Fazer signature acts as a guarantee of quality. Best of all, all Fazer's delicious chocolates are made from 100% responsibly produced cocoa. Karl Fazer crowns the crown moment after moment with its luxurious taste. Share the disc with friends or give yourself a delicious moment.

MAITO, sokeri, kaakaovoi, kaakaomassa, emulgointiaine (SOIJAlesitiini), suola, aromi (luontainen vanilja). SAATTAA SISÄLTÄÄ PÄHKINÄÄ, MANTELIA JA GLUTEENIA SISÄLTÄVÄÄ VILJAA. Maitosuklaassa vähintään 30% kaakaota.