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Fazer Alku Kuningatar instant porridge 200 g (5 x 40 g)


The taste of Queen portion instant porridge comes from the balance of raspberries and blueberries and gentle oats. The portion porridge containing protein (14%) and a lot of fiber (11%) does not contain added sugar or additives. The convenient porridge package contains 5 appropriately sized 40 gram serving bags - take with you for breakfast, as a snack or enjoy with salty fillings for lunch.
The product has been awarded the Hyväa Suomesta Joutsenlippu label of origin and the Finnish Heart Association's Better Choice heart label. The packaging can be recycled in cardboard collection.
Naturally contains sugars.

TäysjyväKAURAhiutale, kuivatut marjat 4,5 % (vadelma, mustikka, mustaherukka), suola. SAATTAA SISÄLTÄÄ PIENIÄ MÄÄRIÄ MAIDOSTA, SOIJASTA, KANANMUNASTA JA MUISTA VILJOISTA.

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