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7.-11.6. Ilmainen dippi kun tilaat Taffelin sipsejä!

FREE dip when you buy a bag of Taffel potato crisps!

For each Taffel crisp bag you can get one dip mix for free. The price of the dip mix will be adjusted automatically when you put both crisp bag and dip mix in the shopping cart.
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Siipiweikkojen ja Poppamiehen kuuluisat kastikkeet nyt myös Suomikauppa.fi:stä!

The famous sauces by Siipiweikot and Poppamies are now also available from Suomikauppa.fi!

Siipiweikot and Poppamies both make delicious chili and BBQ sauces that go with any food. Try it yourself!
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4. - 6.4.  Kaikki muumituotteet ovat alennuksessa

April 4-6 All Moomin products are on sale

For the next three days, all Moomin products are at least -20% off!
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