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Vaasa Whole grain oat pillows 6 pieces 380g



We deliver shipments containing fresh bread on Monday of each week, so that the bread does not stay in customs or mail distribution centers over the weekend.

Place your order before 12 noon on Thursday, and the order containing fresh products will be delivered the following Monday. Orders received after this will be delivered on Monday of the following week.

We recommend ordering the bread as a DHL Express shipment, because then the delivery times are not too long in terms of the bread's shelf life. You can find the country-specific transport times on DHL's website .

We send the bread as fresh as we receive it, usually baked the same day! The BEST BEFORE/LAST SELL DATE (not the same as the use by date) date of the bread bags is three days away from the baking date.

Finland's most popular oat bread gets an even healthier friend! The softness of the light bread is combined with tasty whole grain oats, which in this bread is 52% of the grain in the bread.


WHOLE GRAIN OATS (flour, semolina, flake), water, WHEAT FLOUR, WHEAT GLUTEN, yeast, vegetable oil (rape, rapeseed), vegetable fiber (psyllium, guar gum), OAT BRASS, iodized salt, WHEAT GERM, sugar, emulsifier (E 472e), flour improver (ascorbic acid) and a preservative (sorbic acid).

Whole grain oats 52% of the grain of the bread and 30% of the weight of the bread.


lactose-free, high-fiber

Baked in Finland