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Bong Touch of Taste Veal fondant 180ml


A DROP of rich flavor for seasoning

Touch of Taste Veal fondant gets its rich taste from browned veal and roasted tomatoes. Try Fondi in both juicy meat stew and simple meatballs. The veal stock is also excellent as a base for meat marinade. Add a drop at a time and check the taste.

Try these three tips!

- Bring variety to meatloaf and meatballs with Touch of Taste Veal Fondant.

- Fondi adds flavor to clear broth soups.

- You can make oven-roasted vegetables tastier by adding tomato puree, veal stock and olive oil to them.

Vesi, suola, aromi, lihauute, tomaatti, vasikanlihaliemi, muunnettu perunatärkkelys, happo: maitohappo, säilöntäaine: kaliumsorbaatti.

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