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Bong Touch of Taste Beef fond with red wine 180ml


A DROP of strong dark flavor for seasoning

Touch of Taste Beef fond with red wine gets its juicy and rich taste from meat, red wine and onion. Fond gives flavor to all meat and stew dishes as well as rich sauces, because the acid of red wine brings out the refined taste of the food. Add a drop at a time and check the taste.


Water, red wine, salt, meat extract, broth flavoring, modified potato starch, acid (lactic acid), vegetable extract (contains celery), preservative (potassium sorbate), onion extract.

Vesi, punaviini 13 %, suola, lihauute, aromi (sisältää SELLERIÄ), muunnettu perunatärkkelys, happo: maitohappo, säilöntäaine: kaliumsorbaatti.

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