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Taffel Broadway French cream onion seasoned potato chips 325g


The crispy, tasty, sour cream and onion flavored Broadway potato chips came to the market already in 1997 and have grown to be by far the most popular flavored potato chips in Finland. And why not, because with the first bite, the sour delicious taste of the soft sour cream and the pungent onion take over!

Peruna, kasviöljyt (auringonkukka, rapsi), mausteseos (sokeri, suola, sipuli, HERAJAUHE (MAIDOSTA), LAKTOOSI, MAITOJAUHE, arominvahvenne (E621), hiivauute, happamuudensäätöaine (omenahappo), persilja, maltodekstriini, mausteuute (cayennepippuri)).